Biomass and Feedstock

We own and operate 5 biomass generating stations across the UK

Thetford Power Station, Europe's largest poultry litter fuelled power station which has been generating green energy for over 20 years. Its output reduces CO2 emissions by some 85,000 tonnes each year by displacing the equivalent amount of generation from gas fired plants. This equates to taking more than 33,000 cars off the UK's roads. The combustion ash is sold as fertiliser to the British agricultural industry making this a truly sustainable business model.​

Eye Power Station is the world’s first power station generating electricity through the combustion of poultry litter since 1992.​

Ely Power Station was the first straw fuelled power station in the UK and has been generating green energy since 2000. Feedstock is sourced locally and provides an invaluable service to wheat growers. ​

Westfield Power Station converts poultry litter into electricity. It is the first and only poultry litter fuelled power station in Scotland and the only one in the world utilising fluidised bed technology. The combustion ash is sold as fertiliser to Scotland’s farmers.​

Glanford Power Station converts meat and bone meal (MBM) into electricity, it was originally commissioned in 1993 to burn poultry litter, then re-engineered and refurbished in 2000 to generate electricity from MBM.

Every year, our biomass stations convert over 1,000,000 tonnes of sustainable biomass fuels into electricity.​

Since the commissioning of our first biomass station in 1992, we have built strong relationships with fuel suppliers and have developed significant experience in the procurement and logistics associated with our primary input fuels, including:

  • Poultry litter
  • Straw
  • Meat & bone meal
  • Horse bedding
  • Forestry woodchips