Bio and Resource

Melton plays a vital role in ensuring UK poultry and meat production can continue securely

Melton’s biomass business provides a constant disposal service for poultry litter and agricultural residues. We add managed and controlled reinforcement to the agricultural supply chain.

Melton's biomass business also produces 70,000 tonnes annually of sustainable P&K fertiliser, replacing energy intensive mined fertiliser that is often imported. This product is sold through our subsidiary Fibrophos.

Fibrophos supplies 2% of the UK’s P&K fertiliser market; P&K is versatile and used across all types of agriculture. This supports a circular economy and provides business continuity for thousands of farmers across the UK. Being produced here in the UK, Melton’s fertiliser supports food security. We support healthy soil.

Melton’s landfill gas business plays a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by capturing harmful methane gas to generate electricity.