Creating a
future for all

Melton Renewable Energy is one of the leading generators of renewable energy in the UK

We are a key waste management provider in agriculture and landfill gas

Leaders in baseload renewable generation

We are one of the leading baseload renewable generators of electricity in the UK. We own and operate five biomass sites and operate from 19 landfill gas sites, located around the country and have been providing sustainable, secure and affordable energy to UK households for over 20 years.

Biomass sites
Landfill sites
Years of experience

We promote energy and bio security

Our EPR business provides a year-round and efficient disposal route for poultry litter, crop residue and meat and bone meal, we promote bio security and stable energy costs, as well as facilitating continuous food production.

We're more than an energy company

Sustainability is everywhere in our operations, and the ash produced from the burning of agricultural wastes is used as P&K fertiliser.

Our operations provide waste and environmental management services to the UK agriculture and poultry sectors, providing a safe, secure and cost-effective disposal route for agricultural wastes and residues, converting these into energy and fertiliser.