Our approach

Melton Renewable Energy puts the health, safety and wellbeing of our people first and foremost. We have a safety culture in which nothing is more important than safety and which actively promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of our teams.

With a strong learning and development culture that recognises our people are our greatest resource, we look to recruit people with talent and potential to join our team. We know that by working together, we can achieve more.

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Career development

We have big ambitions and to make them happen, we need great people who are not only highly skilled but who can bring new ideas to the table, challenge existing processes and identify future opportunities. These include opportunities in engineering, operations, fuel procurement and logistics, project management, human resources and finance.

On our Apprenticeship Programme, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop and most importantly make an active impact in your role and your teams and start to make a difference from day one.

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Career opportunities

Please contact us a if you would like more information on our vacancies.

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