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Our business is all about having a positive impact on the environment.  Our processes use biomass fuels and potentially damaging landfill gas (methane) to create sustainable renewable electricity, thereby reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.  The ash we produce is used as a valuable P, K and trace element fertilizer. Compared with traditional electricity generation, our operations produce much lower CO and minimum waste.


Our facilities conform to the highest environmental standards, with emissions continuously monitoring.


We are proud to have the environment management system certification ISO 14001 across the portfolio.


From 2015, all our staff will attend an environmental awareness course as part of our commitment to improve our performance.  Our operational teams are highly experienced and are able to optimise the combustion process, even with the seasonal changes to our biomass fuels.  Our extensive maintenance and investment program is delivering on reliability and efficiency – all helping to improve the environmental benefits of our process.


We have a dedicated SHE team responsible for overseeing our systems and giving support to the operational teams.  All this maintains our focus on the environment and our commitment to drive improvements.


Our current environmental drive includes a targeted 10% reduction in water consumption and waste to landfill.


We are working hard to achieve our Environmental Policy aims:


  • Zero Breaches – In a process with continuous monitoring and variable inputs, the occasional emission breach is almost inevitable.  We aim to reduce such breaches year on year.

  • Zero Non-conformances - We undertake an extensive internal and external audit program.  The last OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001 combined Certification Audit resulted in just four minor non-conformances across the portfolio.

  • Effective Reporting - We use RIVO (a web based reporting system) to report and monitor any environmental issues.  This facilitates the sharing of information and best practice across sites.

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