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Landfill Gas

Our Landfill Gas business generates electricity using naturally occurring methane produced by the anaerobic decomposition of waste deposited in landfill sites, which is used to power gas engines.  CLP Envirogas has since 1993, developed many renewable energy landfill gas sites, with currently 19 sites throughout the UK, a total of 67 gas engines and an installed capacity of 54MW.


Landfill gas is one of the naturally occurring products of decomposing organic matter in landfill sites, and comprises approximately 50% methane - a gas with a significant contribution to global warming.


By extracting and managing landfill gas, CLP Envirogas fulfils an important role in helping councils and waste management companies meet their environmental obligations.  Landfill gas is extracted from landfill sites that are open to waste deliveries as well as those which are no longer accepting waste.  This is achieved by installing gas wells in areas of waste that have been capped by the landfill operator; the gas which is collected is then used to generate electricity or, where generation is not possible, it is flared to the atmosphere.


We have a professional staff of engineers, project managers and legal and financial experts of unrivalled experience, which enables us to perform all aspects of project development in-house. This integrated approach allows us to provide a comprehensive service in renewable energy beginning with site investigation and following through to turnkey design, build and operation.

Our project development experience allows our clients to benefit from major cost savings and technical innovations.


Growing awareness of climate change and other environmental issues has encouraged an expansion of demand for renewable energy. In the UK this has been backed up by legislation providing incentives for clean energy projects. Because of our expertise, experience and capabilities we have played a key role in the growth of the UK renewable energy sector.



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