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Health and Safety


The health and safety of all who are involved or could be impacted by our operations is at the forefront of planning our activities.  Safety underpins all our operations and we continue to maintain and develop robust systems to ensure we have the best tools to uphold our safe environment.


We are proud to have achieved and maintain the occupational health and safety certification ISO 45001:2018 across the Biomass portfolio.


All our staff undertake tailored safety training which utilises external trainers to ensure we cover a broad range of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) topics.  We have a dedicated SHE team responsible for overseeing our systems and giving support to the operational teams.  All this maintains our focus on safety and our commitment to drive improvements.


Whilst our safe systems are well established we are always looking to improve - the current focus is to develop Behavioural Safety, engaging all members of staff with safety observations and in parallel promoting our safety culture to those being observed.


Our process of review, assessment and improvement is based upon annual targets, aiming to achieve our overall Health and Safety Policy goal:


  • Zero Harm - Our Employee Reportable Accident Frequency Rate has been driven down to zero.

  • Zero Non-conformances - We undertake an extensive internal and external audit program. 

  • Effective Reporting - We use a web based reporting system to encourage reporting of all hazards, near misses and incidents.  This facilitates the sharing of information and best practice across sites.

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