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We are taking on one of the biggest environmental challenges the world faces, climate change. Along with the need for the UK to ensure the long-term security of its energy supply, an obligation exists to consider ways of reducing our carbon footprint. As a source of renewable energy we contribute to this effort daily by maximising generation of electricity from biomass.


People are key to our business. We support members of our team through different career paths, from natural progression through the ranks, to apprenticeships and work based training plans. Investment in people is core to the business with a wide range of opportunities available for professional development.


Ensuring we continue to maximise generation of green electricity, is challenging in light of the continual progression in technology and changes to legislation. The team is often required to engineer around complex problems, from procedural changes surrounding operation to the implementation of bespoke equipment. We find creative ways to work smarter in all we do, the results of which can be very rewarding. Our success is directly attributable to team skills and effort.


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